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Good evening!
Saturday night! What are you doing?
I just got home from the gym. It was a leg day today. Leg press and exercise of the inner and outer side of the thighs. I used the treadmill and the rowing machine for my training today.

Now I sit on my porch and enjoy a shake with vanilla flavor and a cup of green tea with mint and nettles.
The time is 10.33 pm and it's 18 degrees celsius outside. I love these summer evenings.

I ate a lunch today before work which consisted of an egg and mackerel in tomato sauce. Not so good but okay. After the lunch it was time for work.

When I got home, I just sat down in an armchair on the porch. I was exhausted. After a while I had to get up and make dinner. I also had to call the medical advice because Oscar, my oldest son has been sick for a few days and he needed to be checked. They didn't come with any new information so it wasn't much of a help.

The dinner consisted of grilled meat, vegetables from yesterday and bean salad. A bit dull maybe, but it works for me. The boys ate french fries instead of bean salad.

After the dinner it was time to get to the gym... That was my day. 😀 Tomorrow I'll work afternoon shift again.

Have a nice Saturday evening, please tell me what you did tonight..always fun to know😀.

??Love Vivi