Recap of the weekend!

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Good morning!
I've been very bad at updating the blog this weekend.
Sweden has suffered from extreme heat and it has been over 30 degrees celsius hot. There haven't been any fresh air in the weekend or today.

I've tried to rest and charging the batteries for the coming week as much as I can. I've also worked on my tan.

Now it's Monday again and it's time to get back on schedule. That means gym visits and work. I begin working in the afternoon and I'll be home in the evening. It's not the best time to work, but someone has to do it.

I forgot to take pictures of my breakfast today, but it consisted of chiapudding with blueberries, an egg and  a cup of coffee and lastly a glass of lemon water.
Sorry for the lack of posts my dear readers!
I promise that I will work more with the blog this week.

Posts about Anthony's Add and recipes for my chiapudding are on my  schedule.
Time for the gym tonight.

I hope you all have a nice day and enjoy the weather .. I'll do it before it's time to put on my work clothes and go to work!
See you later!

??Love Vivi