Recap of the day!


My first day on the blog is now over! It's been a warm and sunny day. The weather is a bit dull right now so I think it will be thunder tomorrow.

I finally got a moment to think through the day. Anthony plays Xbox One while watching youtube and Oscar does what he wants to do. Keep me company. I take every opportunity to enjoy his company as it will happen more and more rarely. Tomorrow he is going to a party. The boys are getting big and I have to accept that.

I brewed some green tea with lemon and ginger for myself. I also lit some lights. It always helps me to relax and clear the thoughts.
Live according to the principle that your body can never feel good unless your mind is doing well.

I'm really looking forward to building this blog.. It is an adventure and a challenge that I look forward to.

So how does it feel? It feels super good and a calm has settled over me.

If you want something, you have to go for it, otherwise you will never get anywhere!

I have also decided to schedule my posts after the EDT time zone (NY). I think that would be better for my readers in America. 🙂

Good night from Sweden!

??Love Vivi