Recap and summer break for the kids!


Good evening!
It's Friday, I know I didn't write anything since Tuesday. Sorry! But as you probably understand, there has been a lot lately. Oscar has been ill, school has ended,  we have gotten home from the hospital and the home needs some love and cleaning.
But now I'm finally here.
Yesterday the boys ended school. Oscar finished obligatory school and he'll begin a new adventure in the fall. My eldest son is not so little anymore, but I'm incredibly proud of him and I know that he always has a bit of my heart with him in the world.
Meanwhile my youngest son Anthony finished in grade 7. He also makes me incredibly proud, he fights every day with his ADD. I have raised two wonderful, smart and caring guys. They are my everything and my mother's heart beats hard for them.
Today, Oscar and I could leave the hospital. We have been there since Monday. Oscar has a disease called ulcerative colitis. This disease has recently caused him some trouble. But now we're at least home.

I'll see you tomorrow! I'll write a post about the food and exercise at the gym which will be uploaded later.

??Love Vivi