Quality time with one of my teens!

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Today it is Friday and I have had a wonderful day at the C4shopping mall with my oldest son Oscar. I met him in Kristianstad after he left school. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful weather.
Anthony didn't have time to go with us, he was busy with friends and his girlfriend.

We had planned to buy jackets for the boys, shoes for me and Oscar and some other things.

We found a wonderful store called "Normal". The store is a real treasure chest, you find wonderful things at a good price. I bought new sunglasses, shampoos and conditioners and soaps. Face masks, perfumes and skin care products for both me and Oscar.
I bought a toothpaste made of charcoal. It should whiten your teeth. Will start with it tonight.

At New Yorker we found a light blue jeans jacket for Anthony and a white bomber jacket for Oscar.
I bought some underwear for myself and I was super happy when I found some pair of white sneakers in chunky model in size 36/6. I love them ... happy happy ...

We ate dinner at Sumo Kitchen and ate wonderful food. After that we bought a pair of white sneakers for Oscar.
Oscar needed a haircut so we were looking for a hairdresser. He was happy. We went to Espresso House after that and bought a large Caramell latte with an extra shot of coffee.

We took the train home, happy and satisfied. At home, Anthony and his girlfriend Tova waited. Anthony was happy for his jacket.
Oscar and I finished the evening with chill in the kitchen with music, coffee and prosecco ... a perfect ending to a perfect day.
Tomorrow my job weekend starts. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend with wonderful colleagues and patients.

I wish you all a wonderful Friday and weekend...and see you later! ❤️❤️❤️

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