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We all have big dreams! We all have something we would rather work with, or do before life is over.
Why do some live their dream and others continue to dream?
What do those who fulfill their dreams compare to those who don't?

Those who live, fulfill their dreams are stubborn, purposeful, don't settle for the little, they work hard for what they want. They don't give up, though they encounter adversity.

Many want to do work against their dreams, they often think that it is too risky, they have a nice and comfortable job, they don't want to be different.

I was like that, but now my body and my head had enough.

Now it's my turn to live my dream, it's my turn to feel 100% good. No one should tell me what I can and can't do. Now it's my turn.
Like it or go, share my joy and happiness or keep your opinions for yourself.
I am tired to live among people who don't can be happy for others, tired on people who is jealous and talks behind your back and pretend to be your friend, in tired to live in a place where no one can be different, their everyone should be alike ...

2019 is my year .... ❤️

To be continued......

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