Positive Thinking!

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It is something that is very important but very difficult at times. We all have setbacks in life, some more than others.
But my mother always say that it depends on how you think and handle the setbacks that count.
Just seeing the negative in life makes you just bitter, angry and unhappy.
You may think: I want to do this, but ....
That "but" is negative ...

If you have a dream, a goal then it is only you who stop you to achieve what you want. It is important to see the possibilities, not the obstacles. Fight for what you believe in, don't let the negative views of the surroundings stop you.

It is often me and many think: I don't want to be different than others, I don't want to stand out from the crowd.
But why do everyone have to be the same? Why does everyone have to live the same way?

A colleague told me: Vivi, I believe in you, you are strong, you can fulfill your dreams. I know you will work hard, you will manage it..you can do it girl! Work hard and hold your head high!

The words go on repeat in my head. "I can, I want and I will do it ..."

I know that there will be tough days, people comes and goes in life, but I will keep my head high.
My mother once said to me that it is good to write down all the positive things that happened on the day before you sleep, because during the darkest days there is something positive. Be grateful for the good things.

Clear your head on negative emotions and fall asleep with positive thoughts and sleep better.

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