My lazy friday!

Healthy food

Good evening!
My only free day of this week is soon over.
I've really had a lazy day ... working on the tan and just been calm. I've eaten good food and hung out with the boys and friends.
Right now I'm on the porch and enjoy the evening, listening to music and just relax a bit more .. It's still really hot outside.
My appetite wasn't great today, maybe due to the fact that it was almost 30 degrees celsius hot outside. Therefore, I made a shake with vanilla flavor for lunch.
I knew that the dinner would be late so I madd myself a snack at 4 pm. Cottage cheese and fat free yogurt. I put orange slices in pieces, cinnamon and cardamom over it.
When it got time for dinner I decided to grill..again. 😜I grilled meat, green asparagus, grilled peppers, mushrooms and corn. I served it with bean salad.
Now I am full and satisfied.
It's time for work shift 5/6 of this week tomorrow. I'll work on Saturday, Sunday and Monday before I'm free from work again ...
Have a lovely Friday evening!

??Love Vivi