Music and lunch in the sun!

Healthy food

I'm still suffering from the same tiredness from yesterday, but I have the energy today to at least smile. It feels so nice to feel a bit better.

Music is one of those things that I always use to feel better and help me relax...

So I've played music in the mobile all day with my headphones plugged in. I can't play out loud in the living room as usual since there are night workers who are sleeping right now.

I ate my lunch on the front porch today. You see, I'm a lucky girl who has two different terraces.

My lunch consisted of 1 boiled egg, 1 avocado and some mackerel in tomato sauce. I drank lemon water and coffee with it.

I recommend you to go out if the weather is nice where you live and get all the vitamins that sunlight gives! You might also end up with a tan. πŸ˜‰

See you!🌞

??Love Vivi



How nice and healthy!