Mothers day!

Healthy food

Good Morning Dear readers!

Sunday has arrived and this week has soon come to an end. It begun as a cloudy and muggy day and then it started raining, but now the sun is shining so I'll need to enjoy it while it lasts.

In Sweden it is mothersday today. I woke up early as usual, feeling really bad again. I couldn't go to sleep again so I just got out of bed.

I started the day with the same breakfast as yesterday. A glass of water with apple cider vinegar while the coffee was brewing.

I decided to sit and eat my breakfast on the porch today.
So I ate my chiapudding and drank my egg latte and lemon water out in the sun.

I am planning on making a post explaining how I mix my chiapudding, what I use and more. I'll schedule that for tomorrow.

Have a great day and be careful out there... see you later!

??Love Vivi