Mom to teens with special needs!

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Being a parent to teenagers is not easy. Being a parent of a teenager with special needs is worse.

My youngest son Anthony has ADD or attention deficit disorder.

He knows how to give me "gray" hair ... but at the same time he is the most wonderful kid on earth.

He love to hug, he want everyone to feel good, kindest on earth, sees details that no one else sees, smart and funny and a great animal lover. He loves to sing and tease with his big brother. We have a special connection. Just as I and Oscar have ... it's just in different ways. Oscar is my first born and we have a special band, but Anthony is my "little" guy.
I love both my children more than anything else. Without my children, I am nothing.

But, back to Anthony again...

He has friends who don't attend school, they skipping school and don't care about getting on time for lessons or doing homework. Every day I get notified from school that Anthony didn't come to the lesson or come late ... he always has "good" explanations. The neighbors have seen him in the supermarket at lesson time. If I ask him, he has not been there.

Now there will be meetings at the school and the grades are not good. I talk to Anthony every day about the future, that he must have a good education that he must fight and do boring things though he doesn't want to. He must take his responsibility. He is 14 years old ...

I'm super worried about him and the future. it feels like I don't can get him to understand how serious this is...

I'm constantly worried about what his friends can make him do...its so much shit in the world. 

He has a lovely girlfriend and I'm very happy for them. She is good for Anthony...I don't know if he listen to her. She is good in school and I wish Anthony could be more like her in that way. But he thinks he is cool and a "mini" gangster...
But it's not cool at all....I'm so frustrated...gaaahhhh

I want to scream and cry, I want to hit something hard! But it does not help...

I want him to wake up and find out that I'm right ... that I just want his best ... It hurts in my mom heart when I can't do a shit ..

??Love Vivi