Know your own worth!

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Hey my friends. Hope you are doing well. I feel better now, unfortunately there have been some setbacks in the last month. But I'm on right track again....

Had intended to write about something completely different but it ended with a feeling that I needed to write about what I think of "knowing your own worth" ... your worth as a person, as a woman / girl and as a mother and colleague.

This is something I have had a hard time with and still have difficulty with. It's a struggle every day, to know what to have to "deal with" or how to be treated by others. How your work should be judged, how people judge and how they look at me,  and above all, how I judge myself and look at myself.

From my own experience, I think that many women / girls don't think they are worth treating better. They often say one thing but deal with something else. Some are due to the fact that since we were younger, we were often told by the community that "girls should be kind and soft, not grumpy and spiky".

I think we women / girls have to put down our feet once for all and say that's enough. You don't need to be in a certain way. You are good just as you are. We are worth as much, regardless of age, education, financial status, skin color etc.

We need to set the standard higher. We are no less because we demand more. A dear friend told me: "Vivi, you have to pick up your inner bitch, and show that you are a queen."

By "bitch" she didn't mean that I would be horrible, but she meant "bitch" in a positive way. That I have to learn to say when it's not ok. Show that I am worth better and treat others then as I want to be treated myself.

My friend also said that I must go with my head high, both mentally and physically. Don't let anyone push me down. It's not always easy. Sometimes you want to look down at the floor and walk past people ..but no, up with your head and look all in the eyes. That's how you get seen and the feeling that you are worth as much as others are increasing. You notice that people treat you differently in a good way.

Another thing is to stand for their opinions, not change them to suit the ones you are associating with right now. Do you like one thing or have an opinion about something, stick to it. It also makes people see that this girl knows what she wants and have a opinion about things and she is not afraid to show it. It's a strength.

This can be used everywhere in life, at work, in school, in relationship , as a mom and friend ...

I feel better now, many people think I have changed, but no I haven't . I am who I am... I found my inner bitch and have learned that I am worth to be treated as the queen I am. All girls are queens ... not just me. 😀

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??Love Vivi