Its my cheat day today! 😀

Healthy food

Good morning!
I hope you all are having a good Sunday! I took a sleep-in today because I was so exhausted after everything I did yesterday.

Today it's time for an afternoon shift again, but there is no gym visit on the schedule today. You must have at least 1 day when you are not in the gym to let the body recover. In addition, it's my cheat day, so tonight I'm going to take a glass of wine!

I ate my breakfast on my front porch today. I have two porches as you might have guessed already. 😀
I ate some chiapudding mixed with blueberrie quark with blueberries and pumpkin seeds. To that I had my usual 1 egg, coffee and bubble water with the taste of strawberries and pineapple.
My son Anthony kept me company today. Oscar slept a bit extra because he has been sick for the last few days.

Have a good Sunday today ... I'll relax and gather energy before I go to work ...

??Love Vivi