Its my cheat day anyway

Healthy food

Good evening!
It's Sunday evening and my free weekend is over. It went by fast, too fast in my opinion. I am still not very well, but I managed to get out of the bed and eat something good. It's actually my cheat day today.
A cup of coffee and a bowl of ice cream without added sugar from Nick's.

I've just poured up a glass of wine and cut some vegetable sticks, celery, carrots and cucumbers. Took my jar of hummus. Healthy and good. My cheat day is soon over after all.
I brewed some tea too.
Right now I'm laying on the couch and watching TV. I'm watching a movie that I've already seen.
It's Monday tomorrow and I hope the usual Vivi is back. Next week will be tough.
But that's another story!
Good night! ❤

??Love Vivi