I'm back!.....again :)

Hey everyone!

I need to apologize for my long absence. It has been a "crazy" autumn and winter.
But now it's a new year and new challenges and opportunities are ahead of us.

I have decided to make some changes to my blog and to my instagram. They are not big but you will see them a little at a time.

Briefly about how everything has been since last time: I have managed to lose 42 pounds ... yes, I am so happy. But my journey is not over yet.

Now, I have decided to try to focus more on my blog and motivate you to feel better, both physically and mentally. Eat better and eat more healthier. I will support you if you struggle with weight loss, if you are stuck in your training/workout. I will try to give you some challenges every now and then to give everyday life and training a little extra spice.

My favorite place is the gym, where I can be just myself, I can think and get rid of anger and sad feelings. Everyone can't go to the gym for various reasons, so sometimes I put up exercises that you easily can do at home.

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Have a lovely Monday every one and don't forget to be nice to everyone!

??Love Vivi