I need to fight but not now!

Mental health

I need to get up, be tougher, feel less, think less, worry less. I need to stop wearing my heart on my sleeve.

I need to put a "mask" on my face..a "happy mask". I need to look myself in the mirror and say: I'm ok, I'm tough, I'm happy, I can do it...

I need to put the past behind me...it feels like I had hit the rock bottom this week, I hope so anyway. 😢😢

I need to accept that I'm not perfect, I have scars from my past, I need to deal with it, accept my mistakes...and do much better in the future.

I need to put some more skin on my nose...
I need to find someone who loves me even though my past is a mess.

A person said to me: Vivi you need to be tough minded but tenderhearted!

I will try to be like that...😳😳

But right now I just want to stay in my bed and wish that someone could hug me... I wish I had someone who could let me cry and wipe my tears away and kiss me...but no..I'm alone..

Deal with it...accept it...😢😢😢

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??Love Vivi