I am back!

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Hi, all readers!
It has really been a lot going on the last few days. I've been working, exercising and taken time to enjoy the sun and heat. This has resulted in not having time and energy left to the blog. I'm really sorry for that.

The Monday was incredibly warm just like Sunday was.
I worked tonight and after work I went to the gym. It was nice to work out even if I was tired after work. Back, belly and butt were on the schedule yesterday.

I started working in the afternoon just like yesterday. A little cooler outside but it's still hot. After work I had to get rid of some anger and frustration built up in the body so I drove to the gym as usual. Today it was a leg day. Leg day tuesday I guess 😉 The legs are burning, but it makes me feel alive.
I'll tell you about the food in another post.
See you!

??Love Vivi