Happy sunday / super bowl sunday!

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How has your day been?
I have had a wonderful day, quality time with my beloved teenagers, relaxed a lot, been to the gym and walked with the dog and cooked a fabulous dinner. 😀

Had time for a shopping trip too..new training clothes,a book about using your own body as a tool for strength and weight training. I found new wireless headphones to the gym and a can with "Ultimate BCAA" to the gym.
I am very happy!

Now it's time to sit by the TV and watch super bowl ...
Who do you think wins?
Patriots or Rams? Tell me ....

Tomorrow is a new week and I work 6 days out of 7. It will be tough but I'm used to it.
Tomorrow I have the final phone call about my future ... I'm so excited . 😀

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??Love Vivi