Good night from an tired monther!


Now it's time to recap this Saturday. My second day on the blog is officially over. Here in Sweden mothers-day is celebrated tomorrow on Sunday. The boys always buys a gift for me and I always look forward to it. 😊😊

So what has been tough for me today? It feels like everything has been pretty tough today, but I got through the day in the end.
I should sleep now really but I'm so overtired and it feels like my body is rushing.
I'll drink a cup of tea with lemon and ginger so the body may calm down.

Oscar was at a party today and drank alcohol for the first time. It feels tough when you see your children become big and don't need their mother in the same way anymore.
It's normal but it still feels hard for my mother-heart. ❤
Thankfully, Oscar and I have a good relationship so he tells me everything and is not afraid to call me if there is anything.
That reduces my stress a bit, but I am still always worried that something will happen.

I know that I will always be nervous that something might happen to one of my boys.. I guess you never stop worrying as a parent.

A proverb to bring to tomorrow!

Bad days build Better Days!

Good night and sleep well! I'll see you tomorrow. 🙂

??Love Vivi