Finally Friday!

Healthy food

Good morning everyone!

I did not get much sleep last night. There was tropical warmth in the bedroom. It just couldn't sleep.
I got up early anyway. I drank an extra cup of coffee today and I felt super grumpy.
Today, there was a doctor's appointment for my eldest son Oscar and work for me on schedule.
The breakfast consisted of chiapudding with berries, 1 egg and coffee and water.
As I've stated before, I've been struggling with an unpleasant nausea lately. Today it was extra difficult. So I had to force myself to eat the food, it was hard.
I have to eat because otherwise I will end up like 2005/2006 where I will weighted so little that I got sick.
We can talk about that another day.

After breakfast we drove to the hospital and Oscar left blood samples. I drove to work when it was finished.
I hope you have a great day with wonderful weather. See you!

??Love Vivi