Fathers day in Usa and sunday morning!

Healthy food

Good morning!
I woke up early, but I didn't feel like to get up. So I stayed in bed and thought a little.
I had a nightmare last night, the same nightmare I've had since I was a kid. It comes back from time to time, always as hard to deal with. I really hate nightmares. It always makes you feel unwell.
After a while I got up and brewed a full jug of coffee. After that I made breakfast for myself and enjoyed the silence before the boys woke up.
I ate chiapudding with pomegranate kernels and pumpkin seeds and 1 egg. I also drank some of the coffee I brewed and a glass of water with cucumber.
Today is Fathers day in USA and I have to agree with a girl I follow on instagram who wrote this morning. "A big congratulations to us single moms that do both parents work. We are strong together."

A big congratulations to all the good dads out there who do a great job ... You're great too.

Talk to you later! Have a nice day!

??Love Vivi