Personal, Mental health

We have all of us felt betrayed by someone we thought could trust.

Perhaps you tell someone something in confidence and find out that the person you told have betrayed you.
First you feel shocked, angry and sad... then you feel just the betrayed and empty.
After that comes the nasty feeling of can i trust this person again, is it possible to repair?

Will I be able to trust someone in the future or will I always be suspicious? Thoughts and questions spin around in my head...gosh

Could I do something different? When such a thing happens, you have a tendency to judge yourself very hard.

I know exactly how this feels. You just want to sleep until everything is ok. You get paralyzed, you lose your appetite.

Have now only been living on orange juice for several days, I lost my appetite overall. Can't even drink coffee anymore.

Know that there are people who live nearby who spy on me for others, there are people at work who have there eyes on me, spreading rumors about me and talking behind my back.

People try to break me down, they want me to feel bad, they don't want me to be happy ...

I will manage, I know I am strong. But first I will be weak for a while, I will have even more difficulty trusting someone now, I will not dare open up to anyone..I will be more private ... shut out people ... that's the consequence of getting hurt and verbally kicked on ...

I wonder how these people can live with themselves? How can one consider themselves entitled to destroy another person's life?

There are many very sick people out there ... I will never stop being surprised by all the idiots.

But I know that I will fix this, I'm strong, but not right now..later...I promise you all...and soon I will be very happy.

??Love Vivi