Another day at the hospital!


Good evening!
Another day at the hospital with Oscar has gone. If you have children you'll understand how hard it is to see your child so sick. You can't do anything and it makes you feel completely helpless.

The night was good, Oscar managed to eat breakfast, but after a while he started to vomit again. He then vomits until there is nothing more to vomit up, but continues anyway.

The doctors are talking about high liver values ​​and drug reactions. They took blood samples and give Oscar medicine straight into his blood and I just stand there and wish we were at home. This week would be wonderful. Last week with school duty (or elementary school) and a farewell dinner with teachers and classmates tonight.
Things didn't end up happening as we planned. We are in the hospital and Oscar is seriously sick. I can't stop worrying, it's In my genes to worry ... I just hope we'll get home tomorrow because on Thursday it's the big day of school closing in the church and nobody wants to miss it.

I'll talk to you tomorrow. This tired mother must sleep now. See you!
Good night ❤

??Love Vivi