A sunny Saturday in Sweden.

Healthy food

Good morning my dear readers!
Today is Saturday, many are relaxing at home but just as many are working.
Here in Sweden the sun shines and it is 25 degrees celcius outside.
I went to sleep pretty late yesterday, but I was up early.
I Feel a little bad today, do not really know why.

I started the day with 1 tsp apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 glass of water. According to my mum it should be good for my nausea. So if any of you have the same problem as me I really recommend you trying this.

I had chiapudding and an egglatte for breakfast today. I also drank a glass of water with lemon and cucumber.

Now I'm full and satisfied.

I truly hope that you all have a wonderful day, see you later!

??Love Vivi