A ordinary Thursday afternoon!

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Hello again!
Here comes another post as I promised.

I ate lunch on the porch today after work.
I've had very bad appetite in recent days, just like today.
Therefore I only ate some protein pudding with vanilla flavor, a bowl of carrots and a few tomatoes. As usual I drank a glass of water with lemon and a cup of coffee.
I decided to play some music on speaker and enjoy the nice weather. I placed my feet on the table and just took it easy.
That's something I do too rarely!
The dinner was typical for Anthony! Potatoes, meatballs and sauce.. it's actually Sweden's national dish!
I ate pork chops, bean salad and green salad with cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese and at least some artichoke hearts.

I drove to the gym a while after the dinner. Today I had company which can be quite nice sometimes.
I trained my back, shoulders and belly today.
Before I did all that I warmed up on the treadmill and the exercise bike.

It's evening now and I'm relaxing on the porch.
I'm listening to music and drinking a cup of tea with mint and nettles.
I'm free tomorrow, but I have to clean and do some laundry and go to a meeting with the boss.
See you tomorrow!
Good night! 😘

??Love Vivi