A nice and healthy breakfast!

Healthy food

I'm up now after a night with only about 2 hours of sleeping. I don't understand why I woke up so early since I don't have anything planned for today.

I was hoping to be able to sleep out but nope... wasn't possible for me.

The reason I couldn't sleep was that my brain couldn't shut down, I would have been able to sleep just about anywhere if it was up to my body.. I always have trouble with shutting down all the thoughts in my brain when I'm extremely tired.

Another thing that is annoying is this nausea. It feels like it's been bad for ages now and it doesn't seem to get any better. I probably need to call the Doctor and make an appointment. I can't walk around and feel bad. All it takes is just a smell that I find annoying and I immediately feel like I'm going to puke.. Not fun.

I tried something that a good friend of mine recommended for breakfast today. She thought I needed an alternative to my chiapudding. She said that I could take half of the chiapudding and then the same amount with fat free Turkish yogurt. The yogurt is completely unsweetened and a bit sour in taste. The texture is pretty thick.

Mix it up and add berries and seeds to get a better taste.

So my breakfast consisted of chiayoghurt with blueberries, raspberry, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I drank a regular cup of coffee with milk and a glass of lemon water with a lot of ice.

Due to my nausea I drank a glass of apple cider vinegar mixed with water before I ate.

So have a good day, either a regular Monday or a good Memorial Day, depending on where you are in the world!

Cleaning of the apartment and laundry on the schedule here. Tonight it's time for the gym as usual.

I'm sorry for the late post, I should be back on track now 🙂

See you later!

??Love Vivi