A late lunch!

Healthy food

My lunch today was not really a lunch. There were so many things that got in the way so the food was late.. hours late.
This resulted in me feeling even more bad than in the morning.
I just want to point out to those who wonder; No I'm not pregnant!  😂 but I have eaten my lunch/dinner now, even if I was late.
My lunch consisted of a small cup of bean salad made of red and white beans. To that I had 1 egg and mackerel in tomato sauce.
I drank some carbonated water with a taste of pears to that.
After a while I took an egglatte too.. I really needed the extra alertness the coffee gave me.

Have a continued good day and I'll post again soon!

Don't forget to smile and say hello to someone today. Joy makes you feel good in both body and soul!

??Love Vivi