It's a great beach town with top-notch volleyball.

The day we arrived I Realized That it might be really hard to leave.

But then something happened.

Which made me Realize That When We think about relocation, we think about the wrong stuff.

1. We focus on what we gain instead of what we might lose.
When people think about relocating They think almost EXCLUSIVELY about What They will gain by going to the new city, but psychologically

For example, if we sell stocks high and win, the emotional impact is less than if we sell stocks low and lose.

Think about what you are actually willing to give up.

2 . We underestimate the commute.

But if That entails a huge commute in order to get everything you want, well, then the truth is you can not have everything you want.

3. We waste time visiting in person before moving there.
When You Decide Where to live, it Should be based on the essential issues-proximity to people you love, Ability to earn a living, and so on.

To try to find out if you are a cultural fit by visiting the ice absurd.

So a visit to a city given you a skewed view and will simply mess up your decision-making process by giving too much weight to sketchy data.