These pictures are from a part of my weight loss journey. They where taken back in 2016, then I was at 119 kg (262 lbs) I started back in january 2014 and back then I was currently at 145 kg (320 lbs). My back and my knees took alot of damage from it. Everytime I went out for a walk my knees bent. My back hurt and I had serious issues with my posture. My heart was beating fast and I was breathing heavily.

Now, in 2017, Im at 89 kg (196 lbs) meaning I had a loss at 56 kg (124 lbs) and I couldn't feel better. Well I mean despite the current news about my heart. I wont let that stop me from doing what I do tho.. Anyway, my posture is so much better and Im much more alert during the days. Kness doesn't hurt at all anymore. I did this journey because I got sick of just being lazy and complain all the time about my pain. I said to myself: I will show myself that I can, that I can do it! And guess what? I could and I did. If I said it was easy and that I only ate healthy food, I would lie for sure. Did I skip fast food, did I skip candy, soda and all the other bad things? No I didn't and I know it would be a much easier journey if I skipped it. But I dont care becuase I reached my goal. That goal is being around for not only myself, but for my family and friends as well.

So to all you out there who want to start your weight loss journey, Take it from me. There are NO shortcuts to weight loss. Dont fall for that bullshit "weight loss" pills or all the other crap. You know what you should do? Eat right and train right! The saying goes: "Dont bite off more than you can chew". Meaning dont eat more than your body cant handle. Somtimes you want to take that extra portion of food. Well.....dont! Its as easy as that. And yes, it is easy if you put you heart to it! If I can, then you can!

Piece out y'all //Kriss



What is strength?

Do you define yourself as strong? Is it the fact that muscles define yourself as strong or the fact that you are mentally strong? The word "strong" makes up for alot of questions, most of them unsolved questions. Strength for me is whatever you see yourself as. If you see yourself as a strong person then guess what? You're strong! If you however see yourself as weak, you are not! Why? Well the fact than you categorize yourself as weak makes you strong. Yes I know it sound wierd but I will give u an example from my life:

I was bullied most of my childhood, from 1st grade all the way up to 9th grade. I got hit, thrown into lockers, spat on, stralged and much more. I wanted to end my life just to get rid of it all. I concidered myself weak becuase I couldn't do anything about it. I could of course, but I didn't because I was afraid. I had my friends around me who supported me but sometimes I wouldn't listen becuase I was angry and sad at the same time. Sad becuase I tought to myself: "Why me? What have I done to deserve this kind of torture?" I just wanted to fade away from this world.

But one day in 9th grade I had enough of this, it justed snapped for me. I hit him! I hit the guy who bullied me the most. It felt soooooo good in some way. I got a good set of punches from it tho but for me it really didn't matter. I was home from school a couple of days just becuase of all the anger and relief I held inside of me. 

When I got back to school the guy who bullied me the most actually waived at me. Should I wave back or not? Well, I did and somehow it felt good. But I was angry. Angry that I got the respect from him by showing violence. But I was also happy. Happy that I didn't take my life. Happy that Im still alive, being there for myself, my family and my friends. From that day on I decided one thing, I made a promise to myself. Never back down no matter what! I now categorized myself as strong!

What do I want to say with this story? No matter how hard life gets, hang in there. Life will always find a way to turn around. You may concider youself as weak, but trust me on this, you're not weak!  You might feel weak, but your brain and your heart is strong. Stronger than you think!

So whatever you do in life, whatever your choices are, never ever back down! Strength comes from your heart. Everybody has a heart, everybody feels down sometimes. It's normal and it's in our nature to feel bad once in a while. I know I havn't really answer the question becuase there is no real answer to it. Except from this: YOU are the answer <3

Over & out // Kriss



These past three weeks has been a living hell for me. Well, most of the time at least.

It all started when I felt this pain in my chest. At first I didn't think about it that much but I noticed my breathing got heavier and heavier over time. I was laying down in my coach one day and went to grab some fruit from the kitchen when I, all of the sudden, past out. It was only for a couple of seconds but that was enough for me to realize that something was wrong. I went o bed early that night and tried not too think about it.

The next day my dad called me just to talk. I then explained what happened the day before. My dad is a doctor so he asked me to come down to the heath care center and take some blood tests (8 for those who wants to know). All the tests came back negative. They also took my blood pressure which was really really low.

One day went by and now the serious pain started. I couldn't bare the pain so I called my dad and he called the ambulance who escorted me to the emergency. Don't ask me why I didn't call the ambulance myself becuase I really don't know, I panicked I guess.

Laying there on the emergency room bunk we waited and waited until I finally got some more tests done. Everything came back negative once again. This time I was sure it was a panic attack and nothing more than that. I got home after a nice dinner with my dad.

A couple of days later they took an ultrasound on me + I took a fysiological test, testing my fatigue. Everything turned out to be normal, at least thats how I wanted it to turn out.

A week went by and I recived my "doom" yesterday. As it turns out I have an enlarged aortic. Not that much but large enough to keep me from training basketball for now. I will also be under investigation for Marfan's syndrome becuase of this. When I was a child I was under investigation for it but it did not show anything, thank God. But I have to go take new ultrasounds and stuff on a regular basis just to be sure nothing have changed.

Anyway, Im waiting for a ophthalmologic referral to see if my lenses have changed. If they have in any way I might have Marfan's syndrome.....which means I will probably never be able to train as hard as I have, again. But right now Im taking it day by day and Im trying not too overthink this. I still feel pain in my chest from time to time and when I do, the world turns dizzy. I still ask myself tho: Could it be....?

PS: I would like to thank everyone who supports me in this process, who is there for me, who never leaves my side. You know exactly who you are and I love you for it <3 I will come back stronger and those who know me the right way knows I never give up, no matter what.

Thank you! // Kriss