Hi, my name is Sofie – I’m 26 years old girl (not quite a woman yet, despite my age) who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. I LOVE beauty products – some might say I’m a bit of a beauty junkie!

I’m a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, besides that I’ve worked as a PR & Communication Manager and now I’m studying to become a Beauty Therapist – Which I’m suuuper excited about.

Beauty is my hobby in every way! Everything from skincare to lipsticks to nail polish– I could talk about it and play around with it all day. Besides that I also love to run, eat and travel. They make me calm and happy! A bit of an odd selection of hobbies, I know.

People on the streets inspire me a lot, especially when I travel. But my all time biggest inspirations and muses would have to be Rihanna or Beyoncé. Their boldness and fierce style and personality will forever be an inspiration to me. They can wear anything and still look good.

My #1 ‘stranded on a desert island’ makeup product: MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation in the colors C1 and C3 (mixed together). This foundation will forever be my ‘ride or die’ product, as it gives my dry skin a beautiful natural finish with the most amazing glow. It looks stunning and feels amazing on the skin. And it photographs like a dream!

Beauty motto: Wear blush, it will cheer you up even on the rainy days.

What you will hear me say the most to my friends when it comes to beauty: Always wear SPF and make sure to take off your makeup every day.

Fun fact: If you can’t find me, look by the fridge.

Instagram @sofiebrixx


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