A little recap of my week:

In the beginning of the week I went to school as usual, but on Tuesday night I was invited to Maria's for some Polish food. We ate pierogis and it was very yummy, and Maria was a très lovely hostess as always! :) <3 On Wednesday I prepared for some visitors and went to a sangria bar called Bar 10. It was very nice! But it's very cold now,me not likey...

On Thursday morning Ida arrived and I made a nice ''French'' breakfast for us. We ate for many hours and just talked about everything, very nice. Food coma was unevitable and we decided to take a ''micro nap'' that turned out to be 45 min instead of 15... :-D Typical!!! After some coffee we went to Jardin du Luxembourg and to Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It was chilly so we bought some nutella-banana crepes, so yumyum. We continued our walk to Les Halles - the shopping centre.

After the shopping we went for a steak with Arthur at L'aller retour. Omg, it was soooo good! Still dreaming of that steak.. Definitely going back! Full and satisfied we went to meet some friends at a rock bar,it was very cool!!

Chez moi

L'Aller Retour (5 Rue Charles-Francois Dupuis)

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Hope your weekend has been amazing!


Was a super chill day! Didn't do anything special, cooked and did some laundry. In the evening I had some people over for an apéro = predrinks. Drank a lot of vino and went to a club called Wanderlust! It was superfun and it had a nice terrace. Came home at 6 am.. It's so bad that the clubs close at 6 am, haha!!'


An awful day, Friday night was too fun and I suffered x100... Needless to say, I stayed home the whole day and tried to survive the day. Finally at 20 I felt somehow alive and ordered some burgers and fries, yummm in my tum!


Slept until 10 and started my day by scrolling through Instagram and reading my book, so cozy! Then it was finally brunch time! Went to Peonies with Szonja <3 So nice and yummy. And it has been so nice, sunny and warm. :-)




Last Sunday I went to a Brazilian carnival and it was quite fun! Reminded me of Vappu. But it was very cold so that was not nice..

Otherwise I've been eating crepes, yum! We decided to celebrate the British version of Fastlagstisdag/Laskiaistiistai, which they call Pancake Tuesday, with a French twist. It was so gooood, I love crepes!!

I also bought a new winter coat, I absolutely love it! It's a cream colour, and I mostly have black so it's a nice change. :)

On Wednesday I finally got a library card (I already have like 10...) and went to a very cool library. Went also to check out the Swedish shop, but damn I was disappointed. I'm lucky to have some visitors in the coming week = Finnish Candy! <33 Candy here is definitely not the same.. :(

My weekends start on Thursdays at 11 and I love that!!!! Yesterday I went to do some grocery shopping, yaaay how exciting! In the evening JoJo came and we got pizza and just talked about all kinds of things. Super nice and cozy! <3 :)

Now I'm gonna make some weekend plans, bon week-end!