Protect your Integrity - Raise your Standards

I want to ask you one thing this day; What standards are you living with?

Maybe you have not even thought about the question as your life is rolling on like it always does. You have heard it before, but I'll repeat it; we need to just STOP sometimes. Look around, examine and see. What does my life looks like, right here and right now? I recently heard someone say where you are going is maybe not the essential but rather WHO you are becoming while walking the path. We need to, time by time, step off our treadmill and see our reality. Is this something that makes me better and loving towards other people, or is this path just draining me and making my anger blossom up more frequently? From that, we can either change or stay the same. I believe there are hundreds, of hundreds, things to look through in our life to find out life's purpose. But this time I thought about writing about a very important thing that can either make or break our life. More or less. Continue to read.... 😉

Standards - maybe the most boring word among teenagers these days. It's just boring, who cares, let me do what I like and consider enjoyable. I want to challenge that way of thinking. The reason I want to do that is because of the revelation I've just recently got according to this subject - THANK GOD for that! Never before have I ever thought about the standards in my life, never. Maybe that depends on the fact that I've considered myself living "good", if you can put it that way. I actually don't think I have a good explanation of why. The thought of standards in my life has just no occurred to me, until now, 2019.

Standards is our choice:
We as humans are responsible for the level of our own standards. That's it. We will face many different people in different situations that maybe not goes hand in hand with our own standards. That's another thing. However, in our everyday life we, you and me, can make active choices that either lives up to our chosen standards, or the opposite. Here comes two substantial points where you can start to evaluate what level you have put your standards:

1. You can put a high standard of what comes out of your mouth - oh mama mia!! If people just knew how important and powerful this statement is. What is coming out from your mouth? Gossip, trash talk, negativity, devouring words? Or is it appreciation, encouragements, up-lifting words, words of love, truth? I am telling you, when you decide to raise your standards with what comes out from your mouth - YOU WILL BE CHANGED and the people around you will be changed! This world has a big issue of understanding the power of our tongues. It can either kill or give life. Also I want to tell you. Even though you say things towards your friends as a "joke" it produces something. STOP with that! Stop calling your friends things that they are not and start saying things they are! "But ahh it's just a joke and they know that as well, they know I love them." NO NO! Reconsider your standards then because words create, even if you can't see it yourself...

2. A Standard of how you live your life (decisions, actions, relationships and so on..) - this one has been a deal breaker for me. Honestly. I have actively decided that from this year on I will raise my standard in my way of living. No longer will I be formed from the world, but from the Kingdom of God. I will no longer go below God's standard in my life by doing things for peoples approval and appreciation. I CAN NOT BOW DOWN ANYMORE. I can not. For SO long have I just leaned in on different paths cause I haven't put up a standard over my life. I've fallen in. More over have I been a master, TRUST ME, of doing things to get everybody with me, to be appreciated, to be liked and to be seen despite of going beside of what is actually good. As well as that have I not stood against different things that does not align with what I believe in. That's over. I have learned that we can not lower our standards to get others approval.

Are your decisions aligning with the standards you have put up? I believe it's not necessary to make it official of the practical things I will do/no longer do. That's something for my own sake. But I really, from the bottom of my heart encourage you to sit down, alone, think through how your everyday lifestyle looks like. Are you jut hanging our with people who vomits out bad things about other people in your class? Maybe it's time to reconsider what standard you want to have in your life and based on that you can make a decision if you should find another community or if you should just speak up and tell them that's not something you do. Think through it. I will not tell you what to do, but I will tell you to think through what's the best for you and your development to become the person God has called you to.

Through the ups and downs it all comes to protecting your heart and protecting your integrity. Life is too short to live with depression, to build fake relationships and it's definitely too short to give time, heart and soul to someone that doesn't actually care, at all. You are wonderfully made. It's beyond my words. I hope you know it & I pray that if you don't see it now, you'll see it SOON.

I wish you the best!

Sincerely yours, Hanna



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