My summer 2017


June 4: A day shooting three different outfits with this babe

June 5: The last week of school me I went to the small little island Ven with two of my classmates.

June 9: #1 HIGHLIGHT - of course the summer started with one of the craziest day in my life, GRADUATION. Arghh, it's still unbelievable that I no longer have to drag myself to school everyday.

June 17: a nice (and happy?!) evening by the lake with perfect company

June 23: ANND it was finally time for take-off to sunny Croatia. The travel to get there was least said an adventure in itself. Would we reach our final destination or would we not? All this because of the struggles with our car. But we made it.

Croatia, Croatia, can't get enough of Croatia.


Well, July was a crammed month but still a lovely one. Because of my surrounding it gave me more energy than what it took.

July 7-13: Early Kingdom Youth Camp. If you've read my recent posts I think you know by this time that it was a good week. We did a lot of different things, but as the picture shows we canoed one day, played football and tried different activities like shooting.

July 17-22: Kivik and Östersjö week where we sell moosekebab, shooting in front of nice walls, watching sunrise 5am, laughing, talking and just enjoying life.

July 25-28: Some relaxing days in Gothenburg with Esther. Nothing more to say than I really enjoyed it.


August 2: A day trip to our neighbors in Denmark. Helsingör gave us home made ice-cream, sunshine and some nice photogenic buildings. A decent place to summarize it.

August 3-5: New city and a new festival for the moosekebab team. Unfortunately three very bad days wether wise since the rain just poured down and further on lead to a very small amount of costumers. Anyhow we had a good time.

I have had a really good summer, mostly because of all the new friendships I've created. I meet a lot of new people every summer but the different relationships more or less stops to develop soon as the summer ends. But this year has been something special. I've done much more than this shows, obviously. Not to mention the wedding last week AND tomorrow it's time for a new one. HOW LOVELY celebrating love between two people. Just cozy BBQ nights have also been a big part. LIKE THIS:

NOW: Autumn season and new adventures!! Hugs.



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