#IAmTheDifference - Week 2 @NG

Week 2.

Since we're still in the start-up process I don't have very many news to tell about from this week. We've been at the office all week starting to connect with the groups that we are responsible for. I have developed this with speaking with people on the phone mainly from my other job as a receptionist. But I must admit, the second I push the "call" button, this tiny bit of nervousness kicks in - delight mingled with terror, kind of. There must exist reports and studies why this is such a big fear for many people today, speaking with someone on the phone. Very interesting..

But the week has not been empty-handed. Let me tell you about a very interesting meeting I had. It took place today, Sunday, after church service. We were just about to leave as it was finished, and go home. There we stood in the hallway, gathered, waiting for the last person to come along. As we waited, this old man came towards us. If he walked deliberately to us, or if we just "stood" in his way is another question. Anyhow, I tired to caught his eyes and make eye-contact. I did. He came towards me, as I was the on closest to him. I could, to get your attention even more, describe this moment dramatically exaggerating. I do believe it was a spirit to spirit connection, but it did not take place that dramatic. I took his hand and said something like "Hello - How are you?". Here. Wow. We did not introduce our names or anything. I do not know his name and he don't know my name. He keeps on holding my hand as one of the first thing he says to us is, "I do not give up". 85 years old, if I remember it correct, and the first thing he shows is his fighting spirit. Within that exact moment, still holding his hand, I did not reflect it in a deep way, rather I just kept on encouraging him how he should continue to keep on going. Don't you just love older people? AAHHHH. He went along and told many things, still holding each others hand. We couldn't let go. You could tell, in some crazy way, that he was a fighter. Or is, he still is. Not by the fact that he actually said physically with his mouth that he keeps on going, but by looking into his eyes. I marvel. I marvel the story you can see by only looking a person in the eyes. Speechless. It's vulnerable, it's powerful and it's beautiful. The interesting part with this story is that at that moment when we met the man, I didn't think about it as something special. It was first after we said goodbye, and now after a while thinking about it, that makes me realize it was a divine powerful meeting.

Many of us is longing for making a difference in our world, me indeed included, which is FANTASTIC. Everything starts with a vision. The problem though, I believe, is that we tend to make it more complicated than what things really needs to be. Or if I put it like this; we dream of making a difference in the worse case scenarios which makes us become the superhero. Too easy we like to look upon the mountain top and forget about the first step to get there, also the second, third and forth. The lower steps. The ones that people normally don't see as important but actually lays the foundation. I believe many people think they become difference makers the day they get acknowledged by the world, which further on makes them not act before that distribution. HOW should we make people, young as old, understand that size does NOT equal worth. You could be a difference maker in your sport club, in your team. When everybody is talking trash about the other team, you can be the light. You don't have to wait 25 years as you believe your platform will include a bigger crowd - neither do you not have to wait until somebody else deals with the issue. You can deal with it. You can be the difference. Today, I felt like I was a difference, for that old man. Such a small and plain thing. To see somebody. To hold somebody. To smile towards somebody. That's the first, second and third step. The lower steps.

It was beautiful. Heart towards heart. Human towards human. 💗

This is actually a poster we have at our office, which says #IAmTheDifference and gave me a huge revelation, which basically is what this blog post is about.
I love it.

Sincerely yours, Hanna



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