Fear OR Courage?

What do you choose?

It was a while ago since I actually sat down to write. That's not only because I just haven't had the time to prioritize it, but also because as soon as I've opened up my computer it has been like a battle to win - spiritually. The words, inspiration and everything in my mind does not come out and I'm sitting on my chair, almost jumping up and down because I cannot sit still. The phone becomes my escape - scrolling through every social media app I have... Ahhh. With that further of due - today is the day. It's time to win the battle and get this writing post published. YEHAW. Let's go! Take a pause, bring your coffee and then come back.

Today I want to write about a subject I believe everybody of us, absolutely not to mention myself, have experienced in one way or another. Fear. I will write about fear. I believe there are two main types of fear; Physical fear & Mental fear.

Fear of physical materials & fear of things we believe can hurt our physical being.
Example - spiders, snakes, heights, thunder, lightning and so on.

Fear of things we cannot see, touch or feel.
Example - fear of missing out, fear of the future, fear of not being liked, fear of being different, fear of being hurt. The list could have continued far, far longer.

In this post will I focus a bit more on the second one, mental fear, not because the other one is less severe to handle or less valid. I do though, however believe physical fear is easier to overcome as it in many cases requires you to "do your fear" one, two, three times. But the mental fear does not really have a finish line your reaching which requires you to always work with it. The last reason why I also want to write about mental fear and specifically "fear of being different" is simply because I can relate to it - very much.

For many years, in fact, pretty much my whole life, have I been very consumed with the fact of being accepted and liked by other people, which I have. I've never been the ejected kid when growing up which maybe is the reason why this desire of always wanting to be liked have followed me through the years. Oh wow. I just realized that right here, right now... Revelations can come anywhere, anyhow and anytime. Okay, back to business - this mainly became a bigger dilemma when I started high school since it was time to leave the good safe-bubble behind and enter something new. As christians I believe many of us can relate to the inner battle we're dealing with of daring to show what we really believe in - especially as a youngster these days. It's not easy. People are very fast with their opinion and are not ashamed to use them, even if it's degrading. As too many people don't want to be seen as the weirdo-kid in class they keep their opinions on a low level AND in worst case scenarios flowing through with the other ones - even if it surpasses what's actually good. I was one of them. That is when we have to make a decision of which way to choose - either the world and you'll be the funny and cool person OR God's Kingdom where you may not be liked by everyone, but you'll find purpose. In the beginning of this year I made my decision.

Fear is a chain. A chain that keeps us stuck from reaching your purpose. If we let fear control us, we either don't go at all, or we go, but on the wrong roads. WHY? Because if we're living to get conformation and acceptance by our surroundings we'll only act until they're pleased. Or that's what we imagine, right? But the one we want to get accepted by don't notice it, which makes us do more, bigger and stronger things to get attention - which eventually could lead to totally destruction and the only one who loose is ourselves. I should not simplify it and make it look like some easy kind of problem. It is not. Fear is not easy. This problem goes in a evil circle; we fear of showing that we're christians, which is caused by the fear of being different and everything basically starts with the lack of our faith. Fear is the result from the lack of faith. Lack of faith not only in ourselves - but lack of faith in God. That He will give us the power we need, the confidence that we need and the open-eyes that we need in different situations. We should not be ashamed of the gospel. Never. Even if it costs us weird thoughts from other - IT WILL!!! At some point though, I, myself, just have to decide that those thoughts won't control me and my calling. Got made us anointed - to be light in this world, to be a helper in the misery - to change the world! Fear will not help us reach that. No way. Fear stops the anointing to flow. Imagine the picture of a flowing stream. That's suppose to be the anointing God has given you. What will happen if you put a big log in the water - it will stop the water to flow. Right? If you let that log take place in your life, in other words fear, the anointing that's suppose to touch others will not flow through you as it should. Hear this though - some water will probably pass through the log, depending on how big it is, and the rest of the water will stay on the left side, where it came from.. It's the same with you. Some of your anointing will continue to stream through you - but it's not streaming as it should as something is stopping and hindering it. There are more. Because the water is still there - on the left side of the log. It has not disappeared. AHHH.. I sincerely hope you get hold of what I'm writing - when you do, if you do. YOUR LIFE WILL FOREVER BE CHANGED. Lastly - it is up to you if you'll let more logs block the water or if you are ready to let God remove it from you so the water can flow strong and powerful through you, to others.

It is your decision. Fear or courage. What do you choose?



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