#7 - "Good Self confidence inspires others"

30 reasons to build up a good self confidence:

#7 - People will look up to you and see it as something inspiring

I don't know if you've ever thought about it, or if it's just me, but having a really good self confidence is something high ranked, you want to be there, you want to have that feeling. Therefor, when seeing someone else standing up for themselves is such an inspiration for me to see. Of course it's not that easy all the times to see if a person genuinely loving who they are as it's pretty easy to play it away, which is actually pretty sad according to me, but that's another story. Anyhow, I want to be that person who inspires people to be bold and start working on their self confidence. To just help someone with such a little thing, but is actually not that little, is indescribable. I want to be that person, where my good self confidence just shines through and the surrounding can see it. It's not about seeking attention, getting confirmation, but just the fact of being independent and strong.

Happy Sunday, and now; let's cheer out beloved Sweden to a golden medal in the European Championship in handball. YEAH!

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