Hey my loves!

Pre-Christmas time has officially started and I couldn't be more excited! I am so happy Winter is finally here, even though it's recently been pretty cold and windy outside. I am and have always been a winter kinda person - I just love this season where your cheeks turn lightly red, your eyes start glowing as they reflect the city's beautiful lights and you drink tea and hot cocoa throughout the day!

But mostly, I am absolutely in love with christmas songs, it's just the most amazing, mood-boosting and calming thing during winter time. Also, I'd consider myself to be an all-time candle-lover: There's nothing better than lightning up a candle and drinking a cup of tea on a cold winter's eve.

Also, I have recently discovered my love for fairy lights!

Oh, and blankets of course. There's nothing more comforting than a fluffy, warm blanket and some matching pillows to cuddle up in. You do see I'm a winter person, right? :)

Anyways, I feel that many people tend to dislike winter because of the cold, long and freezing nights and the windy and foggy weather. But what if we just start trying to see the good things in winter? Like the lights, the sweaters, the hot wine, the tea, the candles, the fireplaces and the privilege to have a warm, comforting home and some quality time with our loved ones! There are so many beautiful things to do during winter time, and I strongly believe that we shouldn't always opt for the things we don't have. Let's start appreciating the things that we are able to enjoy right now - at that very moment!

In this way, I hope you are as fascinated by winter as I am (given the level of my fascination, being half as fascinated as I am right now is highly enough :) !

Start appreciating the little, cozy and special things in your everyday life and you're gonna see how amazing it can be to enjoy winter time. Summer's gonna come anyways! :)

To give you a little hint on how to start getting in that holiday spirit - here's a song that means a lot to me. Not because it reflects a special memory, not because I think of a special person or what else specifically sentimental it could be associated with.. I just like it, that's it. And I highly recommend you to listen to this amazing masterpiece as soon as you can. I know it's 'just' that typical song, but you're gonna be amazed, trust me. I love how they emphasize their vocal spectrum in that melody, I love how they play with their voices and how they combine classical music and modern elements.

It's not a typical christmas song (which, btw, I love as well), but I do have the feeling that it makes you lose your thoughts while listening.

I hope you like it, thank you for reading!

Stay the way you are!

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Hey my loves!

As I am sitting in our flat in Vienna, I'm thinking about my time in Paris and what made it so special. At this point, I am not gonna lie to you - one of the things that made my experience in France absolutely unforgettable was the delicious food. But not only the French food, it was all the multiculturality to be found in the different parts of Paris that enriched the diversity of the Parisian cuisine!

Some Falafel anyone?

I do have to say that I did not know the art of falafels in a beautifully crispy yet fluffy pita bread with delicious veggies and sauces till I moved to Paris. And I have to admit - I love it! There's nothing so comforting yet filled with so many veggies that makes your stomach as well as your heart and your intercultural veins so full and happy. I am more than impressed by this cuisine, as well as I am by the avocado bread with a poached egg and some pomgranate seeds in the right picture. This amazingly filling, out-of-this-world-delicious breakfast can be found in one of Paris' most charming little restaurants - Paper Boy Paris. I loved its american touch combined with the French culture. I loved the freshness, the beauty and individuality of every single plate. I simply loved everything about it!
Definitely a must when visiting Paris!

Got me some Pasta, too!

You clearly only life once, or in other words - why wouldn't you want this freakingly delicious pasta with red tomato pesto, ricotta, pine nuts, garlic, pepper and some fresh basil and parmesan? Well, I wouldn't say no, and I obviously didn't. :-) Another obligatory restaurant to go to is Vapiano, no matter which city you are visiting. It's just this perfect option that always offers high quality pasta, not too fancy, affordable and made with love and individuality.

And last but not least 

THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE I have ever had! I immediately start drooling over my laptop when I see this picture. This one was made of pure chocolate, nothing else. Just chocolate, and caramel, and chocolate and chocolate.

A once in a lifetime experience I'd say..

Anyways, if we wouldn't treat ourselves from time to time, what would all those amazingly talented bakers out there make their money with?

I hope you are having a great autumn time, Halloween Parties and tea and hot cocoa every time you want! 

Thank you for reading!

Stay motivated, stay happy, stay the way you are!



Hey my loves, I am beyond happy to start writing about my time in Vienna!

As you might have noticed, I returned from France a while ago, and I have just recently moved to Vienna where go to uni. I honestly couldn't be more excited, fulfilled and grateful for my life in Vienna, I really, entirely love this beautiful place.
Enough said, I believe you understand my love for Austria's capital, now it's time for pictures, impressions and inspirations!

How do you feel about fall?

Do you like, love or adore this season? :-)

As far as I am concerned, I consider myself to be the ultimate fall-person, there's nothing (I emphasize - NOTHING) I don't like about those late summer - early winter days.

First of all, it's the colors. I do have a favor for colors. I love it when the leaves start to turn brown, yellow or orange, when they slowly fall off the trees, but still embrace nature's beauty. I love the fact that it can be so amazingly warm and comfy outside, that you just need to throw on your favorite sweater and boots and start soaking up the last sun rays while sitting in a parc with your beloved ones.

And, frankly speaking, theres one thing we ALL love about autumn. This one thing we couldn't and probably wouldn't live without - yes, it's pumpkin! Or more precisely - Pumpkin Spice! :-)

Who else can't life without this indulgent, tasty and sweet yet savory flavor?

But, most importantly, I love to go back to uni, I love to go back to see all my friends and colleagues on a daily basis, even though I saw most of them during summer, it's just that regulatiry, that feeling of having a routine and a goal to achieve that makes me love autumn even more.

Enough said for now, I am utterly grateful for autumn, for this beautiful season, and for the place I live at to be able to enjoy such a beautiful, colorful and charming time of the year.

I wish you all the best and make the most out of your autumn days!



Hey my loves!

I have been thinking about publishing a blogpost on my three-day-trip to beautiful London whilst I was living in Paris as an Au Pair. So finally - here it is!

Even though I have already been to London, I do feel utterly excited and nostalgic when talking about our trip to Britain's beautiful capital. I have been there with a good friend from Paris and we honestly had a really great time there. In the words of Joey Tribbiani - LONDON, BABY!

Some tips for you guys if you are about to visit London and need some inspiration where to go:

We have literally been to ALL touristic sights. I know, it's probably the most mainstream thing we can do as tourists, but we really enjoyed the city's great variety of architecture - a mixture of modern as well as historic elements.

Starting with London Eye, London Bridge, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, you definitely need to walk along the Thames to enjoy the beautiful view on the huge and massively impressive Tower Bridge. As you walk along the south side of the river, take a look to the left and you'll find Shakespeare's Globe theatre and much more interesting architecture. Also, there's ONE thing you NEED to try - a definite MUST-SEE in London: The beautiful and popular Borough market on the South bank of the Thames. Its food is utterly, out-of-this-world delicious and there are so many options you can choose from. No matter if you're vegan, vegetarian or a real and true carnivore - you'll surely find something that suits your interest!

Another district I loved to visit was Chinatown and Soho. I believe that the feature I liked most about these areas was the multiculturality. I definitely enjoyed seeing so many different people wandering around the streets, trying to sell their culture's specialities, enriching the British culture. It was amazing to feel how each and everyone gets accepted and how every human being was able to live their culture besides others. That's probably also the one thing I enjoy most about London - it is and hopefully will always be a cosmopolitan city, in which everyone unites despite - or maybe because the great cultural diversity.

Who else loves to go out once in a while to enjoy a city's exciting nightlife?

London is especially known for it's great nightlife, also because the underground is going 24h straight on weekends (Paris, you need to hurry at this..). As we just stayed for three days, we did not have enough time and energy to try a lot of clubs and bars, but something I can definitely recommend is the amazing club KOKO, on Camden High Street at King's Cross. The venue is an old theatre that has been turned into a club with several floors and a huge dance floor on the basement. And - not to forget - the impressively huge disco ball perfectly contributes to the amazingly unique atmosphere in the club. If you're lucky, you might catch the free entry before 10pm!

Also, if you're looking for a delicious breakfast as a cure from the night's hangover, I highly recommend the lovely little breakfast place called Muriel's Kitchen. We went there on our last days as we were kind of in a hurry and we found it by hazard near the underground station of South Kensington. I honestly haven't had such a great breakfast in a long time!

I hope you found something interesting on this post. I do know that there are so many more things to see in London, including Camden, Kensington, the beautiful parcs, palaces and churches. To be honest, EVERYTHING in LONDON is amazingly special and worth a visit, starting from Buckingham Palace up to the beautiful Kensington gardens. And don't forget to take a ride on one of London's lovely, traditional red buses..

Lots of love, thank you for reading! 



La Côte d'Azur

Hey my loves!

There has been quite a lot going on in the last three months here in Paris. Spring has officially started and is now slowly fading into a rain-fog-hail-weather-situation. But, I'm staying positive - it's soon gonna be warm again!

Plus - I made a trip with one of best friends from Vienna! We spent 5 days at the Côte d'Azur, France's most beautiful coast line in the very South of the country! I was obsessed! It was an amazing trip and you can imagine how sad I was when it was over..

My favorite city was definitely Cannes - one amazingly glorious, beautiful and classic place, where cultural heritage meets the magic of a modern, stylish city with white buildings, long beaches and palm trees where ever you look. AMAZING! (highly recommended)

Nice was amazing, too, I'm not gonna lie. Especially the famous 'Promenade des Anglais' was one incredibly beautiful spot. We once hired a bike to be able to go along the whole coastline covered by the promenade - it took us one hour by bike! So if you like to be sporty, ride your bike along the sea and enjoy the sun rays on your face - hire a bike and enjoy the length and beauty of the 'Promenade des Anglais'!
Monaco was quite special - it quite hold up to our expectations. However, there was no coastline/beach to walk along and to be enjoyed. It was mainly hills, yachts, expensive houses and architecture, which was amazingly impressive! Definitely worth a trip! (Also because of all those expensive, extremely loud cars that are being exposed on the steep streets of Monaco)

I hope you are having a great spring time! For everyone who is stuck in work for school/uni or work - You're gonna make it! I believe in you! It's soon gonna be over! :)

Wish you all the best,




time goes by way too fast

T-minus three months! Incredible! I have been in France for seven months now and I can't believe how fast time went by! I am already starting to feel sad when thinking about having to leave this beautiful city in less than 3 months.

To be honest, I have not always appreciated all the amazing opportunities that I was given. I was sad, unhappy and not satisfied with myself from time to time. But now I think I know the reason for my mental disaster - the weather. Yes, believe me, Parisian winter is quite horrible, no snow, plenty of rain and fog and tiredness.. Not something to be happy about. However, I am incredibly thankful to have a supporting family, a loving host family and lovely friends here in Paris that helped me to get rid of my winter sickness & now that the days are starting to get longer & that Spring is officially here I couldn't be happier! I honestly have to suppress my tears when thinking about having to leave this beautiful life in less than 3 months..

BUT, I have so many beautiful things to look forward to. Firstly, I'll be back to my family in Austria & my beautiful friends (Gosh, I missed them). Secondly, I'll finally be back to my dancing school! I missed this so much during this year! And secondly, I'll move to Vienna with two of my best friends & I'm gonna start studying! I honestly can't wait to finally start my studies in Vienna, I am super excited for that!

So, after all, I can say that my time in Paris has been absolutely incredible so far, with many ups and downs and hard as well as good times, but hey, that's life, isn't it? I'm happy to have mastered all the difficulties and challenges & I'm happy to be living here for three more months! La vie est belle, il faut en profiter - n'est-ce pas?

This spring, I have been up to some great things. Besides visiting beautiful castles, interesting museums & some incredibly delicious breakfast places, I am currently preparing myself for university & a French Exam in Paris, which is quite exciting!

I really hope you are all doing well & enjoy the beauty of this year's spring!

Je doutais toujours si la vie était aussi belle que les fleurs du printemps. Vue que ces fleurs disparaissent assez tôt, je n'étais jamais sûre si la beauté de la vie reste pour toujours. Est-ce qu'elle est éphémère comme les fleurs du printemps? Est-ce que la vie est quelque chose de fugace, dont la beauté n'est vu que pour un petit moment?

Oui, plus ou moins, la beauté de la vie est fugace et il faut en profiter aussi longtemps qu'on peut. Mais, si on le fait correctement, ça suffit. Si on le fait proprement et avec plein d'enthousiasme et de passion, on ne voit pas le caractère éphémère, on ne voit que la beauté.

I hope you are all doing well & I wish you all the best!

h xx



I've been home for five days now & I can truly say - it feels amazing to be home! Everything seems so trustful, so comfortable and secure. It's just the feeling of family being together & celebrating the most amazing holiday of the year that brings me joy and happiness.

I hope you all spent some lovely holidays with your loved ones & enjoy your family time to the fullest. It's the little things, the presence of your relatives, the smile of a fellow, the lovely words of your caring family, that bring joy.

Here are some Christmas traditions me and my family have always hold on to & which we still enjoy!

First of all, the Christmas tree - bought by my father - is being installed on December the 24th, the day on which we actually celebrate Christmas. In the morning, my mom & I, we decorate the beautiful tree in our living room while watching tons of Christmas movies on TV. Afterwards, we are all getting prepared for our visitors, my grandma & my uncle, who I don't see very often through the year (Especially now that I live in France). Christmas Eve is the actual big present-thing in our country, which is equally celebrated as Christmas Day. In Austria, the (directly translated) "Christ Child" - some children think of it as an Angel - brings the presents to the houses and lays them under the Christmas tree. In the meantime, my grandma & I always go to church, impatiently awaiting the arrival of all the presents given by the "Christ Child". When we come home, the living room is all darkened, it's just the candles that lighten up the room & that give warmth & coziness.

Afterwards, we all eat together - our Christmas Meal are home made sausages by my dad & horse radish, mustard & baguette or typical Austrian bread. As a dessert we always serve Christmas Cookies, whose plate will always be transferred to the living room in order to peak some more cookies while opening the gifts.

When come together by the Christmas tree, we light the candles again & sing some Christmas Carols, my father usually playing the guitar. The last song is always "Silent Night, Holy Night", which at the same time is our invitation to start opening the presents underneath the Christmas tree.

The rest of the evening will be spent all together in the living room, listening to Christmas music, talking about the last & the upcoming year & just enjoying each other's presence.

At 9 o'clock, my father & I usually go to church again, as we meet all our neighbors & friends we usually don't see very often throughout the year.

On December the 25th, we all sleep in a little, but not too long as a lot of eating lies ahead of us! :) We usually start with a cozy but still relatively tiny breakfast, in order to keep some space in our tummies for the most delicious meal of the whole year - my mom's self-made beef, potato & radish plate. At this point, my aunt joins us to have lunch together & we all sit and eat and talk and laugh and just enjoy the fact that it's totally okay to keep on indulging in all those delicacies on our dining table. Normally, my mom also makes an incredible dessert, which was a Tiramisu this year. To be honest, it has been eaten all the way through to the last piece... (it was so good).

Well, after all the eating, we usually go out for a long walk in the beautiful winter landscape of my hometown, and we enjoy the act of moving a little after sitting for so long.

On December the 26th, we always go to my brother's house to celebrate the birthday of my lovely, little niece, which is always a great opportunity for me to see all my other family members again that I see even less.

So, this was our annual Christmas tradition - I enjoy it every single year & I'm really grateful to always come back home & enjoy the gift of a family caring about one another!

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful time with your loved ones!

Merry Christmas,

Hannah x



I just landed in Vienna! What an amazing feeling to be home again! I've literally been listening to "Driving home for Christmas" during the whole flight! The best feeling is just to step into that trustful, well-known world again which I call my home! Vienna is such a beautiful city, which should be visited at least once during Christmas time!

Anyways, my flight was definitely okay, I sat next to a girl from Chile who was on a trip through Europe with her friends before starting to work. It was so nice to speak to her, a little relaxing and de-stressing.. I just took one picture out of the plane window, which is actually pretty sad, but to be honest - they all look the same! So here'S another picture of the Eiffel Tour while the sun was going down! :) I'm usually not a person for sitting on the window seat of a plane, but this time I had to, & I really enjoyed it! I think I might turn into a flying-lover? :) Who knows..

Well, as I'm sitting in the airport, watching people walking by and listening to some christmas music, I am so so thankful for everything. For my parents, my friends, my host family in France, my home country, my second home in Paris.

I wish you an amazing 21st December, the official beginning of Winter! What an amazing time it is! Christmas around the corner and Winter saying hello! I'm happy! :)

Lots of Love from Austria,

Hannah x




Today is Monday, the new start of the week! And what a week, the last week before Christmas! I'll start this day with some christmas shopping, then packing my suitcase for my flight home!

Christmas shopping in Paris - a hard, hard thing to do! This is why I go there on a monday morning in order avoid getting stuck in the metro or having to wait for hours to be able to enter a shop.

Anyways, on the picture above you can see the amazing view of the rooftop of the beautiful Galleries Lafayette - a huge shopping centre near the Opéra in Paris! One building for men & one for women related products and a lovely bridge that connects those two buildings. The centre is giant and inside the women's building, a huge, white christmas tree has been installed, which goes all the way up to the ceiling (more than 6 floors!).

In addition to that attraction, there are lovely windows on the outside of the shopping centre that feature little ice bears in a christmas factory, which is a great attraction for children. We strolled around there for several times, just to get ourselves into that christmas spirit! :)

Last things to finish today, preparing the last gifts and mentally preparing myself for the flight home! I'm beyond excited to spent the holidays at home, since it has been four months that I've been home.

I wish all of you a happy start into the new week - take your chances, do whatever you have to do! It'll be worth it!

Lots of Love,




Bienvenue à Paris! 

Hi everyone!

I'm so happy to be able to start a blog about my experience here in beautiful Paris! I was thinking about it a while ago, but never had enough courage to actually start it! But lately, I was learning a lot about just doing what you like and not thinking about what others might say or think, because - to be honest - what's the point in it? So here we are, thank you so much for reading!

As moving to another country is always a big change, it took me a while to find into the routine here and to get back to all my usual habits. The first weeks were probably the most amazing and exciting weeks in my life! Everything seemed so new, so unknown and mysterious. Everything had to be discovered and experienced. Getting to live somewhere else is an opportunity I have always dreamt of, and I am beyond thankful that this little childhood dream finally came true! One more thing before I'll actually & officially start my blog - I love writing, I love sharing my opinion, my thoughts, my point of view and my dreams, which is probably (or pretty surely) the reason why I usually write a lot. I'll try to keep it short and compact, because long texts usually tend to be boring. I don't want to bore you, that's the least thing I want! I hope you'll enjoy reading my texts!

(By the way: The picture above & my profile picture is taken by a great friend I got to know here! Thank you again!)

(Something I didn't want to mention first, but that's somehow necessary.. I kindly ask you to leave out negative comments. It's not a place to share negativity. No place is a place to share negativity. Merci beaucoup! :)

So, here we are. It's Paris. I've already passed some time here, and I'm currently starting my fourth month in France. It's incredible how fast time goes by. Initially, I never believed people when they said: "Wow, take care! Time will go by so extremely fast!" I always said to myself: Well, you have ten months, you have plenty of time to do everything you want. Well, nice try! :) Four months have already passed and I can't believe how fast this has gone by! It feels like nothing. Really. Believe me. :)

Paris, a city with lots of faces. Lots of reputations. Lots of images. To my mind, a city that is either loved or hated. Summer days have been extremely, outrageously hot. Autumn days colorful, amazingly breathtaking, sunny, windy, a little bit foggy. Winter days so far have been cold, foggy, sometimes sunny and a little bit cloudy. All in all, Paris is a city that has held all it promises - at least to me as an individual! In these four months that I have lived here, I have discovered a lot - but I'm 100% sure there's so so much more to be discovered. I'm happy here and I can't wait for the next six months to be lived in this beautiful place!

Merci again for your time and interest, it's something special nowadays to take your time to read something written by someone you don't even know. Out of interest, free time, boredom, or whatever. Whatever reason you have, I appreciate it!

Here you can see Montmartre, a touristic but very beautiful quarter of Paris. If you want to get rid of those weekend munchies, hop off the metro at Abesses and take the stairs up to the top of the hill (trust me, you will be in no more need of a weekly leg day at the gym). The view is amazing - provided that the weather is good - and all the pain from walking up there will immediately fade away!

The picture above has been taken six days ago - a lovely Sunday in Montmartre, a café, an accordion player, a pigeon walking on the pavement, people enjoying their hot drinks outside. Something I love about the Parisian culture: Despite the fact that temperatures start to fall, people enjoy sitting outside, talking against the noise of the traffic, enjoying the crowded streets full of different human beings. Lovely to observe.

Have a wonderful, motivated start into the last week before Christmas! 

Best wishes,