October first 2016, 9 o'clock am:

Hey guys, it's Hannah! The day has come! First of october I left Germany again for a new adventure, this time I went to France, more accurate to Segrè a small town in the north-west of France, Pay de la Loire. It's another exchange, the program I'm doing it with is called PiN/SPAK ( Praktika in Nantes/ Stages pratiques à Kiel, obviously!) I'll be doing an internship in a primary school called "école primaire Robert Fontaine" But first I have to get there ...

So at 9 o'clock am I arrived at Hamburg Airport where I first met Laura, the girl I'm going there with. We went eating breakfist at a restaurant kind of thing called " marché" ( already french!) basically it's a breakfast buffet, but a very delicious one! I had some muhrooms, bacon, a glas of handpressed orangejuice and a Bread witg Cheese. Oh! And lots of Pineapple! So after we ate, Laura and I decided to go through the securíty check, they had to check my shoes extra, as always ... I don't know why but propably they are a bomb and even I don't know ... Surprisingly we had no problems, we found our gate and at 10:25 we successfully boarded. But in the air, the problems began: Not only, that the french version of a quote: "snack" is a coocky, but also, that I had a cold and somehow that affected my ears during the flight. So when we began sinking, my ears started hurting so badly and I ended up being technically deaf when we landed. we first landed in Paris where we had 5 hours to wait. So we went eating, shopping and more eating, me being deaf all the time for about 3 hours. When we sat down reading at our gate ( that's what we thought) it made that funny pop sound and I could here again! I first partyed around until I recodnized, it was awefully loud at the airport ... But the problems didn't stop! When Laura to a look on the board, where the gate numbers are shown the gate changed again ( now already the third time) so we wandered through the terminal to our new gate, not the last time but almost, only two more times until we finally boarded for our flight to Nantes. So again up high in the sky we got our awesome coocky ( excactly the same as before) and we began sinking and ... I became deaf again! So when we finally landed in France and met our exchange students I had to ask them every single time to repeat what they said, because I could nearly hear anything. I thought of course we had arrived, only like 30 minutes more to there homes, but no! 2 hours to Clarisse's and 1 hour more to Carole's, meaning mine. When we finally arrived in La Selle Craonaisse a village with no mobile network it was already dark outside. Carole lives in a pretty big, beautiful old house together with her mother, her father ( I don't knnow there names! They introduced themselves as the parents of Carole), her sisters Milène, who is older than me and Carole and Gwendoline, " la petite", meaning the tiny one although she is taller than me, 6 cats, including Blacky, Felix and Migniette and their gigantic dog houaiceau ( I guess it's spelled like this) If he would stand on two legs, he would be taller than I am. Standing like a dog. he reached me until my waist ( I'm 1,62 meters tall) and his had can easily lie on the table. I love him! So when we arrived, we first had donner, as always a plate of carrott soup, then a Gallette with ham and and cheese ( I pretended to like it, but the cheese tasted pretty aweful), then some bred with fromage ( whatch Ratatouille, then you know what it means) and never forget the dessert, in this case some chocolate cake! After dinner, I went up in my room called my parents and watched YouTube videos and that was the first day!

October 2nd 2016:

The next was pretty boring, I woke up and the entire house was quiet, so I went back to bed and watched some more videos about 2 hours later I went downstairs and the only person I met was Caroles mom ( propably that's her name) She gave me some stuff to eat for breakefast, I ate it and then I went to the livingroom, where I sat until Carole came downstairs and told that we would leave for a festival in a village nearby. That festival was pretty boring we met a lot of Carole's friends and ate some Chi Chi ( The french word for Churros, so cute!) and the most exciting think about it was propably the fact, that you coukd win real goldfishs! But most of the time I just felt like the 5tht wheel. Ia lmost finished my book I was reading that day xD

When we came back home we had dinner again, the carrot soup, spaghetti with some strange, but delicious, some more FROMAGE and baguette and the rest of the chocolate cake.

That day wasn't so exciting but the real adventure should start the next day ...