In late November I was a student with only one objective -they said- I prefer to call it a concern , I just wanted to graduate and make my family proud. Once again if you think of this as an imaginary story stop now do not read , it's not a revival it's a story I observed , a story I lived , molded by all its details..

In that rainy day, I wandered around inside the university after a pretty much complicated physics class. Yes I am that kind of person who loves the details in such ways most of the people won't even notice. Besides a rainy day was for me like an Eid day-Muslim religious celebration day- my friends know that in a rainy day I am different, close to be very emotional and soft. To begin, you must know that I am living in a difficult society where women for them must not be mixed with men as well as relationships with women you don't know or you are not planning to marry tend to be prohibited.

In fact, you cannot change it instead of trying to convince people that is not the way to live you must live with it. As a man who is very curious or a man with white heart yet I never thought I'd endanger myself while I am facing this tragedy subconsciously.