Now days many people are using Android phones, your friends also using the same Android which you are using. When you see some cool application on your friend’s phone or when you want to share your cool application among your friends then there is an easy way of doing that. If your friends owns an android powered mobile phone then you can take use of the application which is named “ShareMyApps”. Here I will show you how can you share your applications using “ShareMyApps”. We will see how to setup this application and how to use it.

Step 1: First of all you will need to download this application “ShareMyApps” from android market. Click on the hyperlink and download it.

Step 2: Install the downloaded application and then start it. As soon as you starts the application it will search your android phone for all the installed applications. After searching all the installed applications it will present a list of all those applications in front of you.

Step 3: Now put a tick mark (checkmark) on the applications which you want to share with your friends. If you want to select all the applications then just click on “Tick all” option at the bottom.

Step 4: You can also add some extra comments on the shared files. Just use the ‘Notes’. Select ‘Add note’ and then on the message box just type the message and click on OK button.

Step 5: After that you will have to select the sharing method. There are three ways of sharing which ShareMyApps provides:

  • 1.SMS
  • 2.Email
  • 3.Copy to clipboard

If you want to use social media application then you can also use them for sharing purpose like Facebook and Twitter. They both are supported by “ShareMyApps”.

Step 6: After selecting the sending /sharing method. Just click on the Send button to send the application.

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Conclusion: ShareMyApps is really a faster and easy way to share applications among your friends. You can send more than one application at a time. You can add some extra notes, comments. You can send via SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter. The application is available in both free version and paid version. Paid version has some extra features which are not so necessary but if you need those features then you will have to purchase the application.