Hi summer!

​ Photos from my niece's ceremony. 

Dress from Asos.
Jacket from Asos
Makeup by me - bare minerals, drops of sun the body shop, and just natural skin and being me. 

Wow, I dont think anyone have missed how great the weather is right now. Today has been one of those days, where you just get things done. This morning i packed the car full with boxes, because within this week im moving into my new appartment! All sweaty I managed to drive all of the boxes from my old, to my new appartment, All by myself #Proud
Its just a few things left to pack and even if I will miss this old place, I know there will be a new adventure waiting for me at the new place. For one, it'll only be about an 11 minutes bikeride to work, and I will live togehter with Olivia - THE sweetest girl out there! After the "carry-box-workout" I drove to moms place. I just love being there, idk - anyone else who love the feeling of coming HOME to your parents house? My sister Hannah and her over this world Cute daughter C was also there, so we did manage to spend a little quality time together. Ate moms pie, played with my niece, laughed with my sister - had a 10 out of 10 time. Its always nice to get down with my fam to just do nothing but being together. My family is, the most important thing that I have in iife, we're all really close and always have bananas time when we hang out. AFter saying a long goodbye to the fam, I hit the road and went to Ikea. Since Im moving, I'll need alot of new stuff, and Ikea's the best place to start. I found a closet and a bed - Mission complete! I also found a really cheap - and probably worthless popcornmachine at Rusta that Im superexited to try. ATM Im laying outside talking to you guys, eating watermelon, sallad and a poor burger that I managed to put together with the rest of whatever we had left in the fridge. Suprisingly tasty though! The sun is literally burning on my skin - SPF 50 times two! Tonight me and my B is going to have a datenight, Im really exicited to go because Marvel movies are my fav and we're going to watch the new avengers movie! In a bit Im going to try to put together a sweet outfit - both goodlooking, but also comfy, becuase comfy clothes at the movie is a must have! Im also going to clean the appartment, take a real good shower, get ready, and probably hit the town a little bit early, so that I can get the snaks and tickets on time. Ah this day is DREAMY!

I hope that you guys get a great night, talk to you soon!
Xox Mwuah - Mila

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