Mornin' ! :-) 

Soooo we went for a coffee, a hot chocolate and a red velvet vanilla cupcake. The place is called Peggy Porschen Cakes and it's in 16 Ebury Street in London. Oh my God, literally the cutest place in the world! Everything was pink! I was in love haha. This is exactly how I want my dream apartment to look like! 
Cupcakes were amazing too! If you are in London you definitely need to try out this place!<3 


P.S. VLOG is coming soon! and yesss I did miss my flight again..I was literally 5 min too late and they did't even want to print out my ticket. I ended up rebooking my ticket, paying extra money and staying at the hotel that night. #whyme 
Next time I will seriously get to the airport 5h before my flight haha! 






Victoria Larsen,
Kjempe fine bilder 😃
Victoria Larsen: tusen takk søta! <3
Så herlig! 😃