Hey guys!

Sorry for delay! I am back in Oslo and here are pictures from our trip to lovely Gran Canaria. Since we rent out a car we were able to see soo much! I am really happy for that. We visited so many beaches, places , north part of the island, went to Palmitos Park to see dolphines and monkeys! That was the cutest thing ever! We did try the canarian food and drinks and also a shisha. I have to admit it was a wonderful summer this year. 


I did filmed a lot so stay tuned for the CANARY ISLAND VLOG coming very soon! 







                                                                                                      TRAVEL TIPS: 

We stayed in Las Palmas by the beach called Las Canteras. This particular beach is for  local people. The whole turism is happening in the south part of the Island. Las Canteras is a very beautiful beach with amazing views and plenty of restaurants. Sand is soft but we experienced huge stones in the water. 
On the other hand south is the warmest area. They say that there is 360 days of sun throughout the year. It was true...while it was cloudy in Las Palmas, there was a sunny weather in south. 

Amadores Beach - called one of the prettiest beaches in Gran Canaria was as pretty as they say. There was a clear blue water, spectacular views, soft and pretty sand. It is a definitely perfect place for families. There are not that many restaurants though. Water sports are avaible there as well. 

Playa del Ingles - a huuge and the longest beach I have ever seen. You can find anything you want in there. It could be a perefect place for anybody. There a lot of different shops, plenty of restaurants and bars, beach clubs with pools etc. I found it very interesting. Beach seems to look a little dark. The water and the sand is dark but very soft and you can swim easily. You cand find parts of the beach open for anybody, also a nude part. What is amazing about this beach is that you will never be bored. At the end of the beach you can see this amazing Dunes desert. I found it very interesting that you can see a piece of desert by the ocean. If you go there you got to experience that. 

Puerto Rico was a typical beach for turist. There a lot of possibilites for watersports, boat rental etc. I did not like this beach myself. It was not that pretty in my opinion. 

Anfi del Mar was the prettiest thing I have ever seen! The water was clear blue and the sand was almost white. I am in love with this place. it is not a huge beach but it is the most beautiful. You can find great places for food, shopping, amazing Maroa Beach Club, place to play volleyball, water sports etc. This is a big recommendation from me here. 

Agaete is a north part of the Island. You can see a specacular mountains in there. There are also natural pools in there which was something that I have never hear or seen before. Really impressed.

Palmitos Park - is a 20-hectare botanical garden, the best zoo dolphinarium. You can see a dophine show, bird shows, see meertkat, python, monkeys, flamingo, kangaroo, alligator, plenty of fishes, butterfly park and many more. It is something YOU HAVE TO do when you are Gran Canaria. We had so much fun in there.

Ron Miel is a variety of rum made from liquor or cane molasses, typical of the Canary Islands. Me and my boyfriend totally loved it haha. You can usually get it in restaurants after you finished your meal for free. 
Papas Arrugadas - are typical canarian dish  - small boiled potataoes with a spicy sauce. 

Rent a car, drive around the Island, eat sea food, drink a good coffee, use a strong SPF, drink Ron Miel, try some shisha (water pipe), go out clubbing in Las Palmas (Havan Club was amazing), have a good GPS, see and touch dolphines, have a lot of fun! 







Victoria Larsen,
Så gøy!! Kjempe fine bilder 😊