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Whenever we discuss Holiday season dressing, I feel that we largely tend to focus on party dressing staples like cocktail dresses and evening gowns, yet completely ignore more casual Holiday season go-to styles. And so, for this post, I'd like to shift focus away from party wear and discuss my personal Holiday season must-have, i.e. wear with anything blazer!




A huge fan of blazers in general, come Holiday season, wear with anything blazer is always at the top of my must-have list. Generally speaking, what I look for in a blazer is obviously versatility. For me, the perfect blazer is something I can easily throw over a cocktail dress, or a pair of jeans for a more casual look, and so fit, quality, and style tend to play a very important role. Normally, I look for a timeless cut and fit with a modern twist like fancy buttons or print for example.






I love the cut of this blazer as well as details. Beautiful and elegant buttons are a huge statement in this piece. These sleeves are just adding a modern feeling for this whole look. 

For today's look I picked this gorgeous (Balmain inspired) blazer from Mango. I paired it up with skinny black jeans and stunning stiletto heels from Steve Madden. This is what I call a smart casual look with a hint of sexy. 










When I think of winter I usually get sad...because of the cold weather. But, on the other hand there are so many reasons to be happy about it. It is a wonderful Christmas time. That time is full of joy, family visits, gifts, wishes and festive decorations. While we waiting for that time we can ejoy those snowy nights under a fluffy blanket with your fluffy pink socks and a cop of hot chocolate. Is it not just amazing?! I feel like it is a very romantic time, when you and your loved one can relax sitting by a fire place with a glass of wine or simply just watch a movie. All those little things make this season so much more magical. What do you guys feel?




I have chosen my winter essentials for 2017. My obession for white clothes has ended. Probably not for good. I picked everything black this season, and I totally love it. 

Black Faux Fur 

Let's start with this gorgeous black faux fur. I have been searching for a perfect winter jacket for a long while now. When I found one, it was already sold out..#ShitHappens. I tried so many different types and styles that I was super frustrated. Should I get a long warm jacket or a short sexy one? Should I get it a fuzzy coat or more classy type? When I saw this one I knew I just had to get it. It is not too long but long enough to keep me warm. I love everything about it, the style, neatness, softness and the fact that it actually keeps me warm! I feel like my sense of style just went up a level. 






Sleek Black Boots

This is something I will definitely rock this season. My favorite this season are the
Steve Madden Wagner boots. A timelessly fierce bootie featuring a tall stiletto heel, pointed toe and shiny patent surfaces.
These shoes could not be more glamorous! They came in black and nude.
I feel like winter is a special classy season which means
that I could not go for anything else than black. Black is super practical and elegant at the same time.  Try to
style as a seductive punctuation to a pair of black
jeans or a black skirt. 












A timeless piece in my wardrobe that gives this little extra to my every outfit. When you are thinking about purchasing a luxury handbag, remember to choose something that you would actually wear it. I wear mine so often because it suits almost everything. Expecially now, with my coat and boots it makes such a beautiful combination. Handbag is a huge statement in your wardrobe, so you have to be really careful picking one. 

Black Leather Belt

You can never go wrong with that one. I was not a huge fun of belts before but since I got this Gucci one I am wearing it all the time! Probably because of the fact that I wear black skinny jeans almost every day. That is a perfect combination. Another perfect addition in to my winter wardrobe. 



Blanket Wrap Scarf 

The blanket wrap scarf is a chic and effortless addition to any winter outfir and the bigger, the I would say. There are countless ways to style this cold weather accessory, either thrown carelessly over my shoulder or wrapped around multiple times. I remember to stay warm!

Knitted Jumper Dress 

The easiest way to show a little leg and stay cosy and warm at the same time is by wearing a knitted jumper dress. I choose a fitting bodycon style but I also like baggy ones that can be worn with a gorgeous belt around my waist. 

Winter Little Warmers

I am talking about warm fluffy socks, gloves, cashmere fibers, and tights. I will definitely need some layers when I go out. But while I am at home I would
wear my warm funny emoji slippers haha! 




Having my favorite GingerBread Latte from Starbucks :) #CHRISTMASEDITION 



Faux Fur: HERE
Sunglasses: CELINE
Bracelets: GIVENCHY






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