To my wonderful starved friends, you keep rambling about how good my food is, or at least I think you do. Maybe I just cooked it up all in my head. Hehe. Often I just send you snaps of all the delicious food I eat - and often you point out that you either cant cook or that you dont have the time, or that it looks to darn hard to make. This is for you my hungry darlings - I will keep trying to feed you with great food in real life too, but here is a guide to make my recipes yourself. Hope you dont starve to death while waiting.

Starting off super easy with soup!

Soup for two you will need:

1 Cauliflower

1 yellow onion

2 cloves of garlic

1 stock cube

8 strips of bacon

2 tbspoons of butter

3 dl cream

1 tbspoon of cream fraiché

Water to cover the cauliflower

good olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste


Half a small celery root

Truffle oil

Parmesan shavings

Tools you will need:

Large pot/pan


Rod mixer/stavmixer

A wodden spoon or other neccesary utensil

How to:

Rough chop your onions and garlic. Put the butter in your pot and let it melt. Grab the chopped goods and stir it around with butter until it turns sort of translucent.

Chop your cauliflower into medium sized trees. Optional: small chunks of the celery root. The smaller they are the faster they cook.

Put he veggies into the pot with the onion and garlic - Cover with water - put the stock cube in - cover until boiling

let the veggies cook until they are soft/tender. about 7-10 min.

Drain of 2/3 of the stockwater off. Leave the rest in the pot with the veggies. Leave it off the stove. Put the cream in. mix it up with your mixing rod until smoth. I like mine with a little chunks left. The mix is on the thick side rather than thin and soupy

For bacon lovers - fry up some strips and crumble it over the finished soup with some parmesan shavings and a drizzle of good oil, my choice is truffle oil and a little spoon of creme fraiché.

Pepper and salt to taste.

All of the ingredients are easily available at your local Rema 1000, the truffle oil might be harder to find, so maybe try Meny for that. If you are one of my foreign friends. Do not pay attention. Im talking about norwegian grocery stores.

To make it even more healthy than it is - skip the butter, use oil - use the light version of the cream and skip the olive oil and creme fraiché at the end!

So pretty much: chop, boil, blend, serve! I believe in you guys! GO