At first I am telling something about me. So I am Nina from Tampere and I am 17 years old.

I like to go to gigs so gigs are naturally best way to do this my school job. So this blog is created only for school.

I am telling here some memories about gigs where I have been. Most of them are Finnish rock bands; Eppu Normaali, Popeda, Klamydia, Kormus and Rockwalli.

First memory whereof I am telling you is my favorite bands Popeda´s and Rockwalli´s gigs in Kapakanmäki, Tuulos 21.5.2016.

So I went to Tuulos by bus, train and car. At first I went with my friend our places to railway station by bus and then we went to Hämeenlinna by train and after we went to Hämeenlinna, my other friend from Salo came with her dad and they gave us lift to Tuulos. When we were in train, I got to hear that me and my other friend are getting in free because Rockwalli´s singer helped us. After some waiting we got in and then we took the first row and meet our friends from Lahti.

After we had waited for almost 2 hours, Rockwalli started to play. They played their songs and some special songs too because they played their new song `Täydelllinen´ and that was second time when I heard that live. They were not all of the band so they have fill-in those members that were not there.

After Rockwalli, Popeda started to play. They of course played their hits but also there were couple of unknown songs. Encore songs were played with Rockwalli´s members.

After gigs we went to see members of Rockwalli but only Rockwalli´s drummer was there. Then we had to leave back to Hämeenlinna because our bus left there. We were early morning back at my place.

So that was some of my memory. Maybe different band next time.. 

See you!