​Imagine a situation where the police have caught you with illegal drugs in your possession. You plead with them that these drugs are in fact, medicines for the ailments you have. However, the police would have none of it. They are firm in their opinion that you are in possession of illegal drugs and hence they have the right to present you before the magistrate for further action. You may be at your wits end now. Is there a way out? You have a promising career in front of you. This case could serve as a black mark against your career. You do have a ray of hope. You should contact the best drug possession attorney Las Vegas to help you out and extricate you from this unpleasant situation.

You should look out for an expert advocate experienced in the field of fighting drug-related crimes. You should explain to him the exact position. You should remember that the lawyer and the doctor are two people in the world from whom you should not conceal any information. You may be right that you take this drug as a medication. However, you should know that possession of certain drugs is an offense in certain States. Unfortunately, you may be in possession of an illegal drug. Your advocate would be the apt person to help you now.

This might be the defense strategy of the advocate. You have to concede that ignorance of the law is never an excuse in the court. However, as you are an outsider to the State, the courts may take a lenient view of the same in case you are able to prove to the court that the drugs are in fact, medicines for your ailment.

However, you should never admit to the offense in the first place. The courts treat this as an admission of guilt. Hence, they can close the case and award you the punishment. Your drug crimes attorney Las Vegas would help you take a middle approach where you neither admit nor deny the charges. This leaves the court with no option other than hearing out the parties. Your advocate has won the first round for you.

The next step would be the presentation of the case by the prosecution. They will have to place on record evidence that you are in possession of illegal drugs. There is a difference between possession of drugs and trafficking of drugs. The trafficking aspect can land you into more trouble. Your drug possession attorney Las Vegas can easily submit the medical certificates in support of your claim in the case, what you say is true. Under such circumstances, the courts do have to give cognizance to the fact that the possession of the drugs was not for trafficking but for the purpose of consumption as a medicine alone.

These arguments from you drug trafficking attorney Las Vegas can save the day for you. The courts may still impose a minor punishment such as a fine. You can very well pay the same and walk out unscathed.

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