The trilogy is set three centuries after the apocalypse, where the only known survivors of the human race live in a space colony consisting of spaceships joined together in orbit around the Earth, governed by The Chancellor, who leads its council. Resources are so limited that all crimes, no matter how small, are punishable by death, unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age. 100 teens are seen as spendable by the community due to their crimes, and they are sent down to earth either to find out if the human race can return back home safely, or to die.

I watched the TV-Show before I decided to read the books as I fell in love with the characters and wanted to know more about them. While writing this review I will do my best to keep these two separated as the books are quite different from what the TV-Show turned out to be.
However, I found it really enjoyable to read while having a clear image of the characters, but I do indeed feel a bit disappointed that a few of my favorite characters from the show is nowhere to be found in the books.

Okay, so for my first review on this blog.. here we go!

Book 1
I really enjoyed how the books are build up in chapters with the different characters point of view. It makes the story a bit more interesting, we get to know the characters and their thoughts a bit more, and their actions are more understandable once you know what they are thinking.

The story progress is a bit slow, but I don't really mind as it's exciting to take part in discovering the Earth along with them. Everything is well written, and it makes it easy to imagine exactly what it looks like along with how the characters feel when they set foot on the Earth for the first time in over 300 years. It's easy to understand what is going on, and for each chapter I read I just had to read another, resulting in me finishing all 3 books in 4 days.

The ending of book 1 was a complete cliffhanger, and I jumped straight over at book 2 without breathing before I started reading chapter 1. There wasn't much action to find in the first book, but as I mentioned with the slow story progress, it doesn't really matter because you are sucked into the story with these characters. It leaves you unable to put the book down as you are just as interested as them to find out how they are going to make it.

The only negative thing I've got to say is that there should have been more characters introduced. I feel like more of the 100 teens should have been named to make it just a bit more realistic. Instead book 1 focused more on just a handful of the characters we know, such as Clarke, Wells, Bellamy, and Octavia.

Book 2
It started exactly where book 1 let off, which was pleasing due to the cliffhanger ending, and my disappointment in the lack of character introduction faded quite fast. A few more characters received names and a face, and the handful of characters from book 1 suddenly had more people to interact with, which I found really enjoyable.

The story progressed with a bit more action in this book, and we soon realize that the 100 teens are battling somewhat scared and confused against their odds of survival as their number drops to 93 within the first 3 weeks of their arrival. I do really enjoy the speed their relationships, both friendly and romantic, are growing at. I find it to be a natural pace when compared to our own dating culture in our society today. It's realistic. The characters are scared, alone, confused, and they have no idea when, or if, their fellow humans are going to come down and join them. Of course they will turn to each other for love, friendship, and comfort.

Towards the end of this book there is a lot of breathtaking action which resulted me in being unable to put the book down until it was finished. I love how this story is making my heart race, and I noticed way too often that I held my breath between the chapters because I.. just.. had.. to.. find.. out.. what.. happened.. next..!

I've got nothing negative to say about this book. I enjoyed every word I read, and once again I jumped straight for the next book almost like I were scared the words wouldn't be there for me if I were too slow.

Book 3
The author began the story just where book 2 ended, which I've come to like quite a lot as we don't miss out on anything. Putting this book down was out of the question just like with the two others, and the story progress was indeed good. It grows steadily through all of the books.

There were a lot of tension between characters as new ones were introduced frequently through the entire book, which made it feel a lot more like a community. I really felt like I were able to take part in the dangerous and frustrated situations which once again made me hold my breath as I read through the pages.

On the other hand, while book 1-2 were beyond exciting, this one actually had me in tears towards the end. There was a lot of action going on, and quite a few red treads got tied down in the last 100 pages. I'm glad the ending turned out to be a calm one, because the 4th and last book won't be released until December. The need to keep on reading the story is strong, but I don't feel the rush like I did with the two other books.

My absolute favorite character in both the TV-Show and the books are Bellamy. He's hotheaded, protective, sweet, can do things for himself, and is a natural figure for leadership. He also makes a lot of mistakes. While everything he does is because he thinks it's right, you will notice that he is probably the most realistic character in the entire story, because some of his actions turns out to be a really, really bad idea and ends up with a negative result.
I fell in love with his character both in the books and in the TV-Show, and I love him in both of these stories even though they turned out to be a lot different.

I really recommend you to read these books even if you've already watched the series. The story is exciting, you get to see everything from a completely new point of view, and it's worth your time if you are into apocalyptic worlds.