Rail Menu: Enjoy Palatable Food While Travelling Long Distance

The food that is offered while travelling has left a bitter taste in the memories of the passengers. Level of hygiene, its palatability, and quality has made people weary of train travel. Carrying food from home is not always practically possible and adds to the burden of the luggage.

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The fun and excitement of spending some quality time with family and friends, while going on a holiday or an excursion, is plagued with the fear of food that is served in the trains. Money is not a constraint and people are willing to pay more so long as they get good cuisines. They also are weary of eating the same stale fixed menus that are served in the pantry cars.

Things have changed for the better:

Technology now has transformed the way you can enjoy your food sitting in the comfort of your seat and eating food at a time suitable to you. E-catering food partners have joined hands to offer you the choicest of rail menu. The vendors have their menus listed on the IRCTC catering portal as well on their website. Passengers have several options to order for the food they prefer at a convenient time slot from a variety of cuisines to choose from.

The procedure:

Once you have made your train reservation, you must enter the PNR number, the train details and route is automatically displayed on the screen which again gives you a choice to order your food. Select the cuisine you want, preferable station and you must give your seat and berth details. There are many secure payment modes available or you can pay cash on delivery. Using the digital media to pay for your rail menu saves you the hassles of carrying cash and keeping change for the exact amount. You pay only for what you order and the delivery is free.

Rail menu, as of now, is available on select routes and stations. It is gradually being extended to newer routes and destinations. Sooner or later, the service will be available in all the routes making travel more enjoyable. It will require you to browse the website, tick in the appropriate boxes and get you your favorite cravings delivered at your seat.

Benefits you get from the rail menu services are too many:

The primary benefit for you is getting hygienic, tasty food served hot at your seat. You do not have to overload your luggage carrying packed food or trouble your family to pack home cooked food for you. The food you carry may get spoilt if you are traveling overnight. You can order the local cuisine that otherwise you could not have tasted unless you stay in that place. There are several promo-codes available on the web that will keep your wallet healthy without any exorbitant costs. You can treat your kids with their favorite food and beverages. The services cover all the three important meals and in many routes, you can order for in-between snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.