As hunting season is about to begin in Northern California, there are many out there who are looking to try their luck. In case, you happen to be one of those it's time you may want to look for interesting tips for waterfowl hunting. So, here we go:

● Ensure Your Shotgun Fits: A shotgun needs to flow very naturally and smoothly over your shoulder and cheek for stocking where your eyes can look straight down into the barrel. When a shotgun fits well, it is only a matter of time as you transit to shooting position. A perfect shooting position will allow your barrel to become an extension of your line of sight.

●Practicing: There are many goose and duck hunters who leave their shotguns safe till the final day. And then they wonder why aren’t they able to hunt. A simple reason for this is you are out of sync. This issue can be rectified easily with some off-season shooting practice. Also, you can try going for guided waterfowl hunting for first few days of the season that will teach you enough skills for the task.

●Don’t Hurry Up: One of the prime reasons for missing geese and waterfowls is shooting in rapid succession. There are a few hunters who think they need to shoot quickly before birds move out of their viewing range. The fact is, when you wait some extra time while waterfowls are coming in, you can then riseup for shooting, there is enough time to takethree of four shots before the birds move too far. Slow down your pace deliberately and try not be jerky as you mount your shotgun. Never ever rush your shots, it will only prove your lack of patience and skills.

●Aim One Bird At A Time: Whenever a group of birds comes into decoys, there are many who aim at the flight directly. They do not single out one creature, rather they just start shooting randomly. An incoming flight of air has 95 percent air irrespective of their total number. It is for this reasons you need to lock in a bird in your view and stay with it till it drops. Do not switch your targets and try not to get overwhelmed with excitement. Be patient and stay focused on your aim. It is the only key for getting some good hunt.

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